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Automatic Diesel Silage Forage Feed Baler Bailing Wrapping Equipment
1. Specifications of Silage Forage Feed Baler Wrapping Equipment:
Driving Engine Green Forage Weight Dry Forage
Baler Size Baler Weight Range Capacity
70-80Kg/Baer 30-40Kg/Baler Diameter 550*520MM 35-85Kg 45-65Baler/Hour

Driving Engine Available are Motor Power and Diesel Engine.

2. Descriptions of Silage Forage Feed Baler Wrapping Equipment:
(1). Forage Feed Baler Wrapping Equipment Used for Bailing Kinds of Forage Silage Feed into Baler with Plastic Film Packing.
For a good second-time Fermentation, makes the Animals Silage Feed with Good Nutritution, Increated the Cow/Sheep Milk Content.
(2). Features of Forage Feed Baler, which is easy for long time storage and easy to delivery, avoid of second time waste.
(3). You can place the silage forage feed baler indoor or outdoor, nomatter windy or rainy weather, it will not do any damage to the film wrapping forage silage feed.

3. Applications of Silage Forage Feed Baler Wrapping Equipment:
(1). Dairy  Cow/Cattle, Goat/Sheep, Horse Animals Forage Feed Making Farm, Making Silage Food for your Own Farm Animals, or Sale the Forage Baler to other Small sized Farm.
(2). Collection Agricultural Waste, like corn stalks, dry hay, grass, wheat straw, rice straw, etc. into forage feed for feeding dairy farm animals. makes biomass waste into animal forage feed, turning wate into profits.
(3). Nomatter the winter or snowy weather, makes sure your farm with plenty forage silage feed for your animals.

Related Dairy Farm Hydraulic Forage Baler:
(1). Makes Forage Silage Into High Density Square Balers, Makes Silage Feed with Second time fermentation.
(2). Makes forage feed with good nutritution for feeding your farm animals.
Model: LY-5T
Bale Size 28*38*70cm (Customized Accepted)
Discharging Port Size 0.38*0.23meter
Feeding Port Size 0.6*0.55meter
Bale Weight 50-60Kg/Bag
Production Capacity 120Bags/Hour
Production of Green Feed 7Tons/Hour
Motor Power/Diesel Engine 15Kw; 22HP
Machine Size: 4*2.75*2.75 Meters
Machine Weight 2.5Tons
Oil Cylinder 2Pcs 160Model
Feeding Hopper Height 1.2 Meters

Related Dairy Farm Pellet Feed Making Machine:

(1). Making Mixed Powder Feed, Biomass Waste into Pellet Feed for Feeding Poultry Farm and Dairy Farm Animals.
(2). Capacity Range from 100Kg/Hour to 1000Kg/Hour, or more bigger capacity.
(3). Pellets Size from 3mm for Chicken, 4mm for Pig, 5mm, 6mm for Cow, Cattle, Goat, etc.